Psy Trance: The Music and Its Appeal

Trance Party. Image by Mushin at the Wikipedia Project

Trance Party. Image by Mushin at the Wikipedia Project

Psychedelic Trance connotes the idea of people running around dancing randomly or crazily as some would prefer to describe it, to music that is techno and strange. However to those who enjoy listening to trance music, Psy Trance is merely swaying and enjoying the unusual beats. Supporters are known to call this type of entertainment “Chill Out music.” Moreover, to create Psytrance requires very much more from you than to merely buy a laptop and a music programme: it is an art like any other.

Psy music is a general music genre where you discover different music styles like techno, breaks, and progressive. The one factor that is apparent across all trance music styles is the pounding 145 beats per minute which is more commonly called as “Full On beat.”

It is called trance because the consistency of the beat is hypnotic with the occasional breaks. Do people go into a trance listening to this type of music? Let’s put it this way: music has the power to change moods and behavior and it doesn’t just apply to trance music. Metal rock can transform a person from being conservative and square to beat-thumping crazy. With trance music the changes are less dramatic to the point of seemingly being under a spell.

Like the under-valued houses for sale in Port Elizabeth, it doesn’t really help that psy music has not gone mainstream. It thus retains an aura of mysticism as an alternate underground music genre. Some may even call supporters of this type of music as protesters of pop commercial music.  In reality it’s just another underground music for people who don’t like Britney Spears or Justine Bieber. To these people, the heroes in music are John Digweed and Sasha.

Of the countries where Psy Trance is popular, you will see that the United Kingdom tends to hold the most musicians from this genre. Other countries are located in and around Europe, in South Africa, and in some Asian countries. The UK plays host to many of the trance music festivals like Global Gathering. The Global Gathering is a 2 day event that draws as many as 40,000 people from around the area and is considered one of the most successful music festivals in Europe. In South Africa, Psy Trance is more concentrated in Cape Town where most of the trance musicians and bands play their music. If you are interested in listening to some PsyTrance, perhaps consider buying some music from iTunes and uploading them onto your apple iPod Touch 5.

The Myths of Psy Trance

One of the most common myths about psy trance is that it will put you in a trance. This could not be further from the truth because this would suggest that the music has control over your mind. This myth reportedly arises from the sound and repetitive beating that people say is hypnotic.

Another myth is that people who listen to trance music are drug addicts and those who believe in black magic.  Again, just because the music is different does not mean it is evil or wrong. This myth probably comes from the use of “psy or psychedelic” which implies some kind of dream-like state. Don’t let the title fool you because this would then mean that pop music should be causing people to start jumping up and down – or something to that effect.